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Orange Creamsicle THCA Top Shelf Flower


Orange Creamsicle THCA Top Shelf flower is a Sativa Leaning Hybrid with 25.5% THCAOrange Creamsicle is known for its unique effects that are sure to leave you feeling uplifted and energized.  This strain produces a happy and euphoric feeling that’s perfect for those looking to clear their minds and stay focused.  The flavor profile is citrus, creamy, orange, sweet with a hint of vanilla.  Terpene profile includes:

  • Myrcene – Relaxing
  • Pinene – Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief
  • Limonene – Anxiety, Stress Relief
  • Caryophyllene – Pain Relief, Euphoric feeling

Orange Creamsicle THCA flower has 26.37% Total Cannabinoids and .291% Delta 9 THCTHCA is lawfully protected by the 2018 Farm Bill which federally legalized Hemp products.  THCA in its raw form contains no Delta-9 THC.  Plants producing high THCA content must also comply with federal policy that provides hemp products must not exceed 0.3% Delta-9 THC.  All flower distributed by Queen Hemp Company have third party certificates of authenticity to be compliant with all federal laws.

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