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Hemp Recovery Stick 500mg


Aids in the support of healthy muscle function. Queen Hemp Cosmic CBD Muscle Rub Stick has 500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract.

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, cooling & soothing.


Apply to freshly cleansed skin, massaging into problem areas as needed. May be used in conjunction with warm or cool packs.

Olive, Shea, Hemp & Sunflower oils, Beeswax, Cera Bellina, Proprietary essential oil blend, White Willow Bark, Arrowroot, Full Spectrum Hemp 500mg, Liqui-par optima.

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  1. Tommie

    I have been using the 300mg CBD oil for several months and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I have disintegrating disc disease and SI joint issues and I take mild pain meds very frequently. It’s for this reason that I thought I would try the CBD muscle rub. This stuff works very well! Takes away much of my pain. My husband had rotator cuff surgery recently and was having pain on the opposite shoulder from the sling. I rubbed this all over his shoulder and upper back, pain was gone. I just ordered another stick of it because we love it so much.