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Astro Jam Hemp Flower


Astro Jam Hemp Flower is Queen Hemps NEWEST  PROPRIETARY in house bred strain!  Bred from Abacus Diesel and Electric Buffalo.  Astro Jam Hemp Flower is sativa dominant with dense trichome formation with hints of purple.  The terpene profile are oak and “jam berry” with hints of wood, cinnamon, pine and lavender.  This is one of our most terpene diverse strains.  It provides an uplifting, focused head space. 

If you are interested in buying in larger quantities please email us at queenhempcompany@gmail.com.

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Astro Jam Hemp Flower – 1/2oz
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  1. Ian Hemphill

    So, I recently purchased multiple products from Queen Hemp after having the luxury of indulging in their BaOx that I was gifted from a friend. Astro Jam was one of the several strains that I purchased and all I can say is I was blown away. For starters, the smell is as described with some cinnamon and fruity tones. To me, I felt like it smelled almost like an apple pie or some sort of spicy, fruity cobbler. The taste is more earthy and provides the aforementioned oak flavor. Having had minimal experience with more stimulating, “sativa” dominant varieties of hemp, I can say the experienced effects were very focused and calming. Compared to the Cherry Mom which was rather sleepy after larger amounts of consumption, the Astro Jam maintained a happy stable feeling through many different ingestion methods and quantities. All in all, I would consider this a truly craft varietal of hemp and I will soon order again.

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