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In the News / Compassionate Care Act (SB711)

Compassionate Care Act (SB711)

The legalization of medical marijuana in North Carolina is closer now than it’s ever been before. The medical marijuana bill cleared the first committee step in the N.C. Senate back in June of 2021, but there still work to be done! Make your voice heard by signing the petition to Legalize Medical Marijuana in North Carolina.

SB711 states that the primary reason for the bill is that “modern medical research has found that cannabis and cannabinoid compounds are effective at alleviating pain, nausea and other symptoms associated with several debilitating medical conditions.”

Here are some other inclusions:

1) As of January 2021, 36 states and the District of Columbia have removed state-level criminal penalties for the medical use, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis, and in enacting this Article, North Carolina now takes similar action to preserve and enhance the health and welfare of its citizens.

2) This Article is intended to make only those changes to existing North Carolina laws that are necessary to protect patients and their doctors from criminal and civil penalties and is not intended to change current civil and criminal laws governing the use of cannabis for nonmedical purposes.

3) The General Assembly enacts this Article pursuant to its police power to enact legislation for the protection of the health of its citizens, as reserved to the State in the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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