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Queen Hemp CBD Infused Peace Chocolate Bar


Artisan Small Batch 70% Cacao PEACE Bar 100mg full spectrum CBD per bar

The herb blend in the Peace bar promotes calming and relaxation. Each bar is 14pt Allergen Free and Vegan. Made in a facility that does not process peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or wheat.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa, Turbinado sugar, organic cocoa butter, Queen Hemp Company CBD, organic chamomile flowers, organic spearmint, organic lavender flowers, organic cassia cinnamon bark, organic passionflower, and organic rose petals


CBD Chocolate Fun Fact

Your brain, chocolate and cannabis naturally contain cannabinoids!  The cannabinoid in your brain is called Anandamide, also known as “the bliss chemical.”  Cacao also contains Anandamide and Anandamide Inhibitors. These inhibitors boost and potentiate the effects of other cannabinoids, such as CBD, creating a lock and key effect. In order to get the most anandamide from chocolate, go for the raw dark chocolate, rather than processed milk chocolate. When you ingest chocolate and CBD from the cannabis plant, the effects of both substances are made stronger and last longer

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  1. Mary Beth

    Every time I try a new flavor of this chocolate I can’t decide which one I like best!
    The herbs in this are delicate and do not overpower the incredible flavor and texture of the chocolate.
    The hemp oil is potent and will definitely make you feel full of peace 🙂