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In the News / CBD Chocolate

CBD Chocolate

Chocolate. Silky, aromatic, sensual: it has been said to be the elixir to the gods.

Chocolate has a rich history dating further back than the 1500’s. The Mayas of the Yucatan and Aztecs of Mexico cultivated cocoa. At one time, it was even found to be used as currency in the middle Americas.

When the Spanish became interested in cocoa, consumption was confined to the nobility; due to its scarcity, it was said to be an aphrodisiac. Pope Pius V tasted a cup of chocolate, was so disgusted with the taste that he gave up all thoughts of banning it under church rule, believing that no one would habitually consume such a product.

Little did he know…

Chocolate has many nutritional benefits. Not only is it a powerhouse of antioxidants, it is also the major source of dietary copper for North Americans!

So where do chocolate and CBD cross paths: In the health benefits they both offer.

The underlying pathologies of many human diseases are mechanisms which depend upon oxidative reactions. There is considerable epidemiological evidence that plant materials have protective effects against many of these diseases. It may be speculated that plant materials that are rich in antioxidants, such as chocolate and hemp, are also beneficial to human health.

Chocolate and CBD have many health benefits in common. Both affect the endocrine system, cardiovascular and circulatory system, respiratory system, the muscle system, renal function. They also both affect mood, mental and physical performance, the reproductive system and may help prevent cancer.

The cannabinoids of the hemp plant works indirectly allowing your endocannabinoid receptors to balance your body’s own neurochemicals to be longer-acting. CBD is the most potent anti inflammatory phytocannabinoid and the second in its analgesic effects only to THC.

By combining these two plant based options together, we have created a potential super powerhouse of healthy benefits.

Our Sea Salt blend helps maintain adequate hydration and blood pressure. It is perfect for an after workout pick me up. It helps increase your sodium, has the benefits of being a cardioprotective and is an anti-inflammatory. It also can help promote optimal digestion. Having an after-dinner piece of chocolate may help you digest better, relax and help get you ready to wind down after a long, hard day.

The Raspberry bar encourages overall vascular health and cardiovascular strength. Chocolate, CBD and raspberries are all high in antioxidants and help clean the blood of toxins. Raspberries may protect against cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and may even have anti-aging properties! Who wouldn’t want to gobble up the 4 servings in one bar of Queen Hemp Raspberry CBD?

Espresso encourages better brain focus through neurochemical interaction to areas of the brain linked to focus. This added energy, when combined with CBD and chocolate, helps with brain focus and endurance. It may also assist with weight loss. Chocolate + CBD = Focus and Possible Weight Loss = Total Win!!

Our Peace blend is unique. Not only does it have the cannabinoid benefits of being a potential anti-anxiety solution, but it also has herbs which encourage relaxation, reduce anxiety symptoms, headaches, irritability, nausea, stomach pain and dizziness. CBD also helps with those conditions. Together, they are a Win-Win for an overall feeling of peace, love and calmness.

Chocolate and cannabinoids are a natural couple. Plant based, health focused and easily consumable and absorbed by the body. These two perfect partners can encourage better health practices for a multitude of different symptoms.

Contact us if you have any further questions on how chocolate and CBD can help encourage a healthy lifestyle for you and those you love.